The first time I came to Sangkhlaburi was by chance, in 1994. This town is located about 350 km northwest of Bangkok and close to the Burmese border. Situated at the beginning of the Khao Leam reservoir, surrounded by mountains and rainforest, this place quickly fascinated me. Different ethnic groups live here together, Thais, Karens, Mons, Burmese and others. Also due to the 60 years of military dictatorship in Burma, many refugees who were brutally expelled from their own country have settled here. They are tolerated here by the Thai government, but are excluded from the education system and health care.
For this reason, many aid organizations have settled here. Children's homes, nursing homes, schools for stateless people, simple clinics, refugee aid and support organizations are numerous here.
After further visits to Sangkhlaburi, I decided in 2006 to take over a sponsorship for a 5-year-old girl in the children's home "Baan Unrak Children's Home". Since 2006, I have always enjoyed coming back to Sangkhlaburi every year, witnessing the growing up and progress of my sponsored child. I also have become friends with many local people, including Karens and Mons, who once came here as refugees and now work in social organizations themselves. The hospitality of these people have made Sangkhlaburi my second home.
Whenever I went here, many of my friends and family members gave me donations for the children's home and other projects in Sangkhlaburi. When the Canton of Schaffhausen, Switzerland, contributed a considerable amount for a nursing home project in Sangkhlaburi in 2012, for which I made an application, I decided to found a small charity for diverse projects in this area. All donations go directly and without administrative costs to such projects. Every year, donors receive a report about the supported projects, as well as a donation receipt for the tax return. Also, the latest news from Sangkhlaburi are available in the "News" menu on this website.

Since September 2016 I live in Sangkhlaburi and am involved in various aid projects in cooperation with local organizations.

Since 2020 we are also present on Facebook with news.

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