The fate of a young family

Datum: 31. May 2021 Gepostet von: Urs Schmid In: Allgemein

When we had the Factory premises for the new Sangkhlaburi Animal Sanctuary cleared and cleaned by local people, a young woman also participated in a cleaning team of 7 women.

She was very eager to work hard because she urgently needed the money for her family. On the third day, her co-workers suggested her to take care of her sick little daughter rather than to work. Mr. P owner of P Guesthouse and landlord of the factory premises, who coordinated and supervised the work, and who has a very social spirit, then gave her three times the daily wage and sent her home to care about her ill child.

I then reached out to Mr. P and a befriended family who are neighbors of this young family to inquire about their situation.

I found out that this young family is very poor and has two little daughters, one of whom has a chronic disease. Although treatments in the local hospital are free for the disadvantaged, they have to pay for the cost of medicines themselves.

The father is a day laborer, but in this difficult COVID time, like many others, he has a hard time finding work. He was then included in the team of workers for the new animal sanctuary and this gave him the chance to contribute something to support his family. He worked very hard and was happy doing whatever he had to do.

Considering the situation of this young family and knowing that they are willing to work very hard for their livelihood, I decided to give them some help from our charity.

We will cover the rent for their house and medical expenses for 6 months, that’s 2’500 THB (70 CHF) per month. So at least for this time they are relieved from worrying about these expenses. We will pay them monthly.

After learning about our contribution, the young woman happily came to my house to express her gratitude, picked up a broom she saw in the garden and started to clean the area around my house.

It is our great hope and of course our goal that with these supports this family will be relieved from their current situation and will be able to take care of themselves independently in the future. Sometimes all it takes is a little start-up help.

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