Board members of the organization


Urs Schmid, Sangkhlaburi, Chairman and accountant

Christoph Roost, Schaffhausen, Actuary

Beat Boos, Schaffhausen, Accounting auditor

Markus Zeller, Schaffhausen

Werner Vollmer, Schaffhausen

Hans-Ulrich Mühlemann, Feuerthalen


The supreme body of our Charity is the General Assembly.

Our fiscal year begins on August 1 (date of incorporation) and ends on the following July 31. Accordingly, we hold our ordinary annual general assembly in August.

Our accounting is controlled and audited by Beat Boos, federally certified accountant.

Members, donors and interested parties of the charity receive annual reports on our activities, and can also find the latest news on our website.

Since 2019, our association is tax-exempt. Donations can be deducted from taxes in Switzerland according to cantonal guidelines on minimum donation allowances.

Our website was realized and designed by Emil Schneider, who also provides us with his generous support.