Annual Report 2020/2021

Another year of our charity came to an end on July 31, and we entered our anniversary year, the 10th since our founding. I would like to thank you on behalf of our organization for your always generous support.    

Gate Way Café & Training Center

is located in the town of Sangklaburi and is a sustainable project that provides basic education primarily to young people, single mothers, widowed women and displaced migrants.

The fate of a young family

When we had the Factory premises for the new Sangkhlaburi Animal Sanctuary cleared and cleaned by local people, a young woman also participated in a cleaning team of 7 women. She was very eager to work hard because she urgently needed the money for her family.

A new Animal Sanctuary is born

After clearing a factory site that had been unused for 8 years and then renovating all the buildings, installing dog kennels and setting up a modern veterinary clinic, the new Sangkhlaburi Animal Sanctuary opened on May 1 after 9 weeks of hard and tireless work by many local workers and a great team of volunteers.

Weaving for Women

This project was founded in 1995 by Mrs. Daisy Dwe to help stateless families and single mothers of different ethnicities in the area to earn an income so that they can contribute to their own livelihood.

Sewing machines project

Since the local market still uses too many disposable plastic bags for vegetables and fruits, I came up with the idea of having reusable and washable bags made in different sizes and then giving away a few dozen to certain vegetable vendors at the beginning, to find out how big or small the demand is.

♥ ♥ Annual Report 2019/2020 ♥ ♥

Another year of our charity's existence is coming to an end. At the beginning of August,we already start into the 9th year. It was a very good and eventful year regarding our activities in Sangkhlaburi. CHF17'466. have been received this year in donationsfrom our friends, of which CHF 10'000 were from the lottery fund of the Canton of Schaffhausen, Switzerland, for a specific project for which we made an application.

«Sangkhlaburi Animal Sanctuary»

The Sangkhlaburi Animal Sanctuary provides a great contribution to the community in Sangkhlaburi. Street dogs, some in poor condition, are vaccinated against rabies, spayed/neutered, groomed and cared for. Sangkhlaburi is now rabies free and safer for all thanks to this sanctuary.

Coronavirus Situation Sangkhlaburi, 6. April 2020

According to the latest information, the coronavirus has fortunately not yet reached Sangkhlaburi. A national emergency law imposed by the Thai government includes a curfew from 22:00h to 04:00h. Restaurants, bars and hotels must remain closed. The market hall in the town, normally a very busy place all day where meat, fish, eggs, vegetables and fruits are sold, is also closed.