A new Animal Sanctuary is born

Datum: 2. May 2021 Gepostet von: Urs Schmid In: Allgemein

After clearing a factory compound that had been unused for 8 years followed by renovating all the buildings, installing dog kennels and setting up a modern veterinary clinic, the new Sangkhlaburi Animal Sanctuary opened on May 1 after 9 weeks of hard and tireless work by many local workers and a great team of volunteers.

Sangkhlaburi has now got a new attraction, and with the upcoming work to spay and neuter street dogs, vaccinate against rabies and provide medical care, this facility also offers a valuable contribution to the safety of the whole community.

Many thanks to all friends of our charity who have helped to realize this with their generous and specific donations.


First plans

Rooms for volunteers

Volunteer's house and kitchen

Dog training-center


First patient

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