Gate Way Café & Training Center

Datum: 17. July 2021 Gepostet von: Urs Schmid In: Allgemein

Gateway Café & Skills Training Center


is located in the town of Sangklaburi and is a sustainable project that provides basic education primarily to young people, single mothers, widowed women and displaced migrants. Free classes in English, computer training, math tutoring, basic hygiene, baking and other specialized skills are taught by Rolyn, the founder, a Filipina who has lived in Sangklaburi for many years.

Rolyn also helps vulnerable families and single mothers in remote areas with her outreach program. This includes basic education, hospitalization assistance, preventive checkups for pregnant women, when they cannot afford it.

The Gateway Café also has a free library and runs a bakery and pastry shop with the help of 2 widows and 1 teenager. The variety of coffee, tea, exotic fruit drinks, pastries and daily menus are delicious and make this place a highlight in Sangkhlaburi.

With the help of Rolyn and her Gateway Project, 3 young women are currently studying at the university. One is studying hotel and restaurant management, one nursing and one hotel and tourism. They come from remote areas and their families were unable to support their education due to poverty or family issues. They have lived with Rolyn since 9th grade and now regularly return to Gateway Café during semester breaks to help in the bakery.

With a donation from our charity, we supported Rolyn's sustainable project and her commitment to the community in Sangkhlaburi and the surrounding area.

I would like to thank our friends and sponsors of our charity who make this help possible.

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